About Us

Lahore 42 News is a digital media platform aiming to become the voice of citizens of Lahore, the capital and megalopolis of Punjab. An initiative of few journalists committed to bring journalism and journalists at the doorstep of a common man, Lahore 42 News was launched on 1 November 2021 with a brand slogan “ Har Lahoriay ki Khabar”.
The idea behind launching Lahore 42 News was to provide the populace of Lahore with an independent, free and extensively accessible journalistic platform which can voice them to echelons of power. Especially during these hard politico-economic times when journalism is suffocated and all of the TV channel and Newspaper opting appeasement policy towards government as a last tool of survival.
A nascent digital journalistic platform, It is providing full fledged 360 degree news coverage and distribution platforms including its website Lahore42.tv, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We publish news and informed insight pieces, criticize and suggest the “Sahiban e Iqtadar’ on policy issues, run detailed news reports, features and especially the reports coming directly from the Lahoris. We are aimed to transform it into a public sphere which can influence the power corridors in the context of public policy and service.
Given the paradigm shift known as digital media age and the ever bulging size of Pakistani netizens, Lahore 42 News has aimed to support and strengthen citizen voices and provide a platform to bloggers, v-loggers and reporters so that citizen journalism turns into a responsible and constructive part of Pakistani Media culture.
This platform is being run by hardly managed financial resources raised by some individuals committed to democratic values, journalistic integrity and view the struggle for human rights as the most esteemed endeavor of humankind.

We welcome every Lahori to support this platform in any way it can be done.

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